Besotted Blog Giveaway

In my search for ideas and images to create the perfect wedding, I have become something of a blog addict.  (Not to mention an insomniac.  It’s 2:36 am as I write this post!)

One of the blogs I follow is called  This morning I found such a lovely giveaway I just had to blog about it myself.  Here’s the original post:

She’s giving away beautiful little packages that contain notecards, a stamp, and who knows what else!  Not to mention the wooden box is too much.  Just check out this amazingness!

I would appreciate if you would follow her blog and enter her giveaway since she apparently spent a bajillion dollars on the cardstock!  Now it’s back to bed for this bride-to-be.  6 am is coming quickly!


STDs Are Done! (No, not that kind.)

Our Save The Date magnets, which I ordered from Vistaprint what seems like months ago, arrived this week causing me much excitement! Along with my return address stamp which I ordered from Etsy, I think they look fabulous, don’t you?  They were designed by my co-worker/friend and I just love them.

STD Magnet

I blocked out my address and the website URL for privacy.

So after a little tweaking of our invite list (something I seem to do constantly these days) and two trips to the post office, I was ready to stuff these babies!  My mom stayed after work to help me and within 30 minutes we had 60 STDs ready to mail.

Mom Working Hard

Stuffing Party

Now I just have to take them to the post office for hand cancelling, which the post office guy recommended.  I can’t wait for our guests to get these beauties in the mail!  What a big step completed.  Feels pretty good!