Mothers’ Dresses

One more thing is checked off the wedding to-do list….both my mom and Scott’s mom got their dresses!

First to shop was my mom.

We started at the mall and found a few nice dresses.  I didn’t take photos of the first few.  Then we found this one.

Option 1 Front

Option 1 Front

Option 1 Back

Option 1 Back

We all liked it but Mom wasn’t convinced it was the one so we went to Alfred Angelo, where I got my dress.  She tried this on.

Option 2 with Long Skirt

Option 2 with Long Skirt

We loved the fabric and the color, but that skirt just wasn’t cutting it.  It was too frumpy!  Then the sales lady found a pencil skirt.

Option 2 with Short Skirt

Option 2 with Short Skirt

Isn’t that pretty?  She decided this was the one, only in a slightly lighter color.  It’s called Wild Orchid and is just a tad more lavender than burgundy.  It’s more of a spring color than this darker purple.  (I think the collar part of the jacket needs to be folded out a bit more than in this pic.)  She placed the order and now we wait for it to come in!  Luckily it doesn’t need much in the way of alterations because it’s going to get here with not much time to spare!

Next was a shopping trip with my future mother-in-law, Scott’s mom.  A posse including me, Scott, his mom, Scott’s sister Karla and her partner Kira started at David’s Bridal.  After a few nos, she tried this one on.

Dotte's Dress

Dottie's Dress

We all just loved it and knew it was the one!  Dottie needed some convincing but eventually realized it was perfect.  Look at that smile!

So the two moms will be in complementary colors and both are in flattering styles for each of them.  Success!  I’m so thrilled that this was pretty painless for all parties and that both moms will be comfortable and beautiful at the wedding.


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