The Six Month Lull

This Saturday, November 19th, will be the 6-month mark until my wedding day and while that sounds really close, I am currently experiencing a lull in wedding planning.  I have my dress, my sister/MOH has her dress, I have a wedding planner, I have the church, pastor, organist and vintage hankies for guests’ “tears of joy”.


I have the amazing reception venue,

Reception Venue - Stirling Guest Hotel

I have ordered the cake and booked the photographer, DJ and florist.  I have my hair appointment and makeup lady scheduled.  I have created a very cool photo guestbook using our engagement photos.  I found an antique cake topper and an old teal case that’ll be our card box.  I have started collecting various things to decorate the reception venue with.

Bud Vase Collection - Just a small portion!


And I’m working with a friend to design the invitation suite which is almost totally done.  And now I am not sure what’s next!  I feel at a loss.  It’s too early to plan the rehearsal dinner or get the guys’ suits.  It’s too soon to start dance lessons.  What should I be doing?!

I need to find shoes and jewelry, and find a travel agent to book the honeymoon.  But I’m not feeling the urgency to get these things done.  What else should I be working on?



2 thoughts on “The Six Month Lull

  1. have you started thinking about what kind of food you’d like to have, and possibly schedule a menu tasting? how about your wedding bands? thank you gifts for your bridal party and parents? favors? sounds like you’re really on top of everything actually, which is great – more time to relax and enjoy later! I wish I would have stared my blog sooner and blogged about my wedding planning adventures

    • Ashley, we just had a tasting of sorts at our reception venue and have chosen our food. We already have our wedding bands. And I have most of what I need to make favors. Gifts for the bridal party is stumping me though. I’ll have to work on that one. Thanks so much for the ideas!

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