Engagement Party Success!

Last evening was our engagement party, hosted by my dad and step-mom, and organized mostly by my Matron of Honor/sister, Heather.  Warning, this will be a photo-heavy post!

When we arrived we were greeted by the buntings I made for our engagement pics.  Don’t they look nice?

You can see the date bunting in the background.

The dining room credenza was home to some framed e-pics, balloons, the photo book I made for Scott on our first date anniversary, and some delicious desserts.

Look at those cupcakes! That icing color is so pretty.

My mom, along with my step-dad, made these cute little M&M favors for each guest.  The colors match my wedding day colors! Some say Kim & Scott (luckily we have short names) and some have wedding bells printed on them.  I was in love!

These M&Ms had our names and wedding bells on them.


The party started in the finished basement with drinks and appetizers in abundance!  There were Fiesta Roll-Ups, Buffalo Chicken Dip, hummus and veggies, crackers and cheese, you name it!  Scott decided he needed to be the focus of this pic below.

Appetizer Time

My brother-in-law, Clint, took control of the grilling duties and I was so glad because he can grill like no one I know!

The Grill Chef at Work

Some people went to the backyard for yard games.  There was Ladder Ball, Quoits, and a beanbag toss.  We also had giant Jenga which I really wanted to play and never found the time to!

Yard Games Galore

My future mother-in-law seemed to enjoy getting to know my family and I was so glad they could finally meet her.  I think we’ll all have a great time together on the big day!  Here she is helping her youngest granddaughter, Faith, who’s going to be our adorable Flower Girl.

Dottie and Faith

Other family members were mingling outside.  Here’s my mom and step-dad talking to Scott’s two brothers, his sister-in-law and his brother-in-law.  Faith makes another appearance here.

Family Mingling on the Deck

At one point in the night my sister knocked the toilet paper holder off the wall and my dad had to fix it! My sis is kind of a klutz.  She once knocked over a full-size decorated Christmas tree in a store.  So really this was not surprising, just amusing!

The Toilet Paper Incident of 2011

My step-sister gave us these at the end of the night.  She had found them in the grocery store that morning.  Who knew Scott and I had a pretzel company?

Nice Name!

As the night drew to a close, Scott’s cousin Karlyn decided to shove Scott’s sister’s face into a chocolate pudding pie.  Yes this really did happen at our engagement party!  I was shocked but it seemed to be something that has happened before in this family so everyone thought it was hilarious.  I was just glad it wasn’t MY face that ended up with pudding all over it!

This is what a pudding pie to the face looks like.

The night was filled with family, fun, food and so much love that we both were really humbled and grateful to everyone who worked so hard to make the party happen.  We know a lot of work, time, expense and stress went into the night and we just want to thank everyone for making this a party we will never forget!

I was so humbled that this was all done for us.

It was great that both families could meet, mingle, get to know each other and spend time together, which should make the wedding day so much more fun.  What a great night.  We left there exhausted but so happy.  Now on to the next thing, Save The Date magnets!


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