Weight Loss Struggles

Weightloss pyramid.

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I’ve been overweight ever since I packed on the “freshman 15” during college.  That 15 turned into a lot more by the time I was out of school and I’ve just never been able/had the motivation to take it off.  I have recently started seriously trying to lose weight by going to the gym 3-6 times per week and changing my eating habits.  I track everything I eat using an app called “Lose It!” on my iPhone, try to stay under 1500 calories (net), have given up soda completely and most sweets, and never eat 3 hours before bedtime.  I’m also drinking lots of water.  And in 2 months I have lost a total of…..drumroll please….6 pounds.  I’m so frustrated I could cry.  Besides starving myself, which I’m not willing to do, I don’t know how to take this weight off.  Sorry for the pity party but I am at a complete loss for what else to try.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Struggles

    • Well I don’t think I’m under-eating. One day at the gym I do a 30-minute circuit (1 minute on a machine, 30 second rest, 1 minute stepping, 30 second rest, repeat) and then 25 minutes of cardio at target heartrate of 143. The next day I do some ab exercises then 40 minutes of cardio – 5 minutes at heartrate 143, 2 minutes at heartrate 160, repeat.

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