Matron of Honor Dress Has Been Ordered

My sister, my mom and I went to Alfred Angelo this evening to pick up my dress and to shop for my sister’s.  We pulled about 8 dresses and off she went to the dressing room.  A few were definite no’s – the ones with the high/low hems, the ones that were very tailored.  Some made the first cut.  After looking at each of the finalists next to me in my dress, we decided on this one:

This looks funny because I cropped myself out of it. I'm not quite ready to show you my dress!

The color is off in the photo.  It’s actually more of a jade green.  But we loved the way both dresses were flowy and how the ruffle on Heather’s dress echoed the ruffles on mine.  (hint hint)   Hers will fit better on the top and cups will be sewn in for convenience.  We ordered it in her size, bagged up my dress and we were done!  One more task checked off the list!  I love getting each new thing done as the weeks go by.


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