Hello, blogosphere!

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for months and finally decided today was the day.  Why, you ask?  Well you see, I’m in the early stages of planning what could be considered the most important day and the biggest party of my 40+ years so far….my wedding day!    And I could use some opinions on things, as well as a place to vent and throw out ideas without making my family and my fiance want to shoot me.  I do understand there’s only so much wedding talk non-brides can take.

So here I am!  I expect I’ll be writing to myself mostly, but that’s ok.  I’m also not sure how often I’ll update, and I’m telling myself that’s ok too.  As a perfectionist, I can be pretty tough on myself sometimes.  Hopefully this blog will not be another reason to beat myself up, but will be an emotional outlet and a fun way to make some decisions about my big day!

So welcome to my blog.  Please be patient with me as I learn how to navigate this new world and I promise to give you my best.

And thanks!


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